Born 1947 in Zurich, Switzerland
1962 until 1966 classic guitar studies
1967 until 1970 Lead-Guitarist of the Beat-Band „The These“, founded by him,
International performances, also on TV
Fine Artist after studies of colour theory taught by Masterstudent of Johannes Itten
Several Exhibitions at Galleries, Fineart Museums and International Institutions
(in Europe and the USA)
Sales to Swiss and European collections
Public Sculpture
Art Director of Swiss movie-production (1988)
Author of several philosophical texts


Award of the German State Baden-Wurttemberg for the best cultural radio broadcast (1992)
Radio debate about Joseph Beuys with Harald Szeeman (1993)
Foundation of the Project „Ankh“ (Science of Sound)
Performance at the Zurich Concert Hall with Interpretations of John Cage and Maurice Kagel,
together with Werner Bärtschi, Pierre Favre and Bianca Medici (1995)
Founder of the music group „Plastic Art Foundation“ and Initiator of the CDs „Sandbrot“ and
„Glutmut’s Erzählung“ (2000 and 2001), „Line-Square”(2004), „Andorra”(2005), „Escabur“ (2006),
„Epon“ (2007), „OR“ (2008), „Massauu“ (2010) and „BlackBox“ (2014)
Founder of the „Academy of Zeitgeist“ (2002)
Publication of his philosophical work „GLUTMUT“
in partnership with the Art Magazine „DU“, Zurich
and the Culture Magazine „LETTRE International“, Berlin (2012)